A drawing course designed to deepen your understanding and hone your craft in drawing. Learn about Chiaroscuro - the composition of light & dark, tonal values and many more!

Within 6 sessions, you'll have a full grasp on how to draw well with our experienced Artist!

Commencement time and date will be discussed with you through email or private message before the first lesson.

Lesson Plan

Lesson 1-2: Still Life

Lesson 3-4: Landscape

Lesson 5-6: Portraits


Class size: Maximum of 5 pax.

Duration: 2 hours each lesson

Who can join?

This class is suitable for beginners or those with little or no experience.

Should I go for Personalised Lessons or Courses?

Our courses are great to learn the foundation of painting. It has a modular structure and students complete at least 2 designated paintings in each course. 

Personalised lessons are for those who prefer learning at their own pace. There is no time pressure to complete a painting. The teacher provides close guidance throughout the learning process. 

Is there a trial lesson for Courses?

You may book a session of personalised lesson to experience the teaching style of our teacher.